I have so many feels for this season of Free! :,C Everyone is so precious this season wtf /draws everyone in Yukatas before summer ends 

Sorry that all my prints this year are boobs and butts. Tu^/

At worlds end~

Finally got away from ff14 to do some art for AX >A>;; I’ll be with Lacha at G32 this year! Come by and say hello! *v*/

JAAAIII I’M SO EXCITEDDD! FINALLYYY! >v< YAY! Congrats! So excited to see your new art aaaa!

Because I lived in the era of dinosaurs, before the Mulan movie, I really wanted to be Princess Jasmine as a kid. (/deeply weeps becos i’m so old y.) I still think she’s one of the cutest princesses! ;o; 

Took a lot of inspiration from Loish's gorgeous art aaa;; I hope her arm feels better really soon! ;;;

Extra headshot  for this beautiful adopt!! by the super amazing talented Lacha~

Her designs are soo amazing and beautiful. Honestly if I could, I’d just make extras for all her adopts LOLOLOL;;


My old original character Nadia~ VuV;; She needed a remake pretty bad. Lololol;; 

Even adventurers need days off~